M.K. Computer Electronic GmbH

The special-distributor with ist headquarter in Göppingen/Germany, delivers all parts for printer,
PCs, Laptop’s and Server in more than 25 european countries, with an annual turnover of mor than €40 Mio.
Founded in 1988, has MK today arround 70 employes and own subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands and Sweden.

MK holds today the largest stock of spare-parts for printer and PCs for all main-brands in Germany.
The large logistic-site at M.K. Computer Electronic is also the european central-stock for the entire PGE-Group.
More than 800.000 listed parts and over 80.000 parts on stock, guarantees the customers a next-day delivery in most cases.

M.K. delivers arround 1.000 Boxes per day, to their customers.

Further information at www.mk-electronic.com

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