How we work


With more than 20 official manufacturer authorizations, we are the leading network of named parts-distributors for all main brands in the european IT-market. We handle all trade and warranty-services, requested by the manufacturers.


Our logistic allows us, to be the integrated part in customers service-structures.Depending on the request from the service-site, we are able to deliver the needed parts right in time direct to the point of service.


We hold one of the biggest stock for spare-parts in Europe, MiddleEast & Africa. Beside our european central-stock in Germany, we hold also several local stocks in various countries. This offers you and your customers a direct next-day service in most cases.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

We are the choosen partner for various manufacturers, to fulfill their given standards in several Manged-Print-Service-projects. Beside the delivery of parts, we also handle the complete call-tracking and ticket-management for all events.


With our several established logistic- and management-structures in place, which guarantee many manufacturers a direct service to their customers. This solutions can be local and/or global, depending on manufacturers request.


Based on our own experience and knowledge in relation to manufacturer needs, we pick & pack various kit's and set's to help the technicans for a best-in-class maintenance at customers side.


We manage also the stock for a number of customers/manufacturers in our facilities. This can be done by a remote management with the stock at the customer-site or stocked in one of our warehouses, as a customer-safety-stock.


In some countries, we refurbish machines and also parts, to offer you an attractive alternative to new parts. Any refurbishment is based on the highest industrial standards in terms of quality and originality.


Our logistic-processes allows us, to handle the complete logistic-fulfillment as needed. This includes all RMA-requirements also as defective-returns and/or product exchange-events. Also product roll-outs with dedicated starter-kits of service-parts, are one of our strengths.


We have more than 800.000 parts listed in our databases to ensure, that we could help you to identify the part you are looking for. Also obsolete and no longer supplied parts are accessable for us, in most cases.


Several consignment-stock-solutions in the past gave us a deep knowledge and experience, to handle this solutions also efficent and effective for all related parties.


All of our partners are running state-of-the-art webshop-solutions for your service. This allows you, to place your orders or get your informations 24hours 7days/week. Shop-in-Shop solutions are also possible, on request.


Overnight, next-business-day, stock-replensihment or drop-shipment to your customer, are just a view of our services. Delivery to technican-site is also a standard for us.


All our processes are quality-assured and ISO-certified. This gaves you the guarantee to get experienced and proofen services at all levels.

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