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General Distribution Europe

PGE get‘s material from the OEM to central or local PGE-stock to serve the local markets direct.

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Local market distribution

PGE get‘s material from the OEM to central PGE-stock to serve the service and partner-structure of the OEM local.

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Service partner of the OEM orders material at PGE. PGE delivers material to customer with own OEM-documents. Customer will be invoiced by Service partner direct.

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Consignment stock

PGE sets up and run a safety-stock cantral or local. Can be installed also direct at customer site. Stock is managed by PGE direct.

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Ticket based service

PGE offers a software-solution to manage requests on a ticket-base. Customers opens a tcket and get the material diret from PGE-stock. The process is online and available 24/7.

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Delivery with service-level

PGE makes sure to deliver requested material within the defined service-level, signed by customer and OEM or partner.

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Warranty handling

Costomer claims warranty-request direct to PGE. PGE makes warranty-proof and change product into new. Reimbursement is done direct between PGE and OEM.

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PGE procures material from different sources to assemle kits in-house for the OEM. PGE brings product incl. labelling and packaging direct to the market.

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PGE get‘s material as bulk from the OEM. PGE makes a repackaging in sales-units and brings the product to the market.

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