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Express Group was established in North Yorkshire in 1988, focused on the supply of office printer repairs ans spare parts.
The group has experienced phenomenal growth over the past 25 years an has a network of international offices including
France, Belgium, Croatia, Bulgaria an Greece.
The company continues to expand from ist Headoffice in Ripon and has a dedicated team of over 100 emploeyees internationally.

Our aim is to maintain an excellent reputation for friendly, helpful service which our customers can rely on. A motivated team of
skilled and experienced professionals support and uphold this commitment.
Express’s mission is to be collaborative, developing close long-term relationships by working in partnership with customers,
manufacturers, suppliers an industry.

Strategic Partners
Express Group is authorized by Hewlett Packard as a Parts Distributor across Europe
with the official title of HPAuthorizedPreplacement Parts Partner.
Express is also authorized by Lexmark as a Master Parts Distributor and holds distribution agreements with the leading Printer
Manufacturers; Epson, OKI, Brother and Kyocera.

The firm has strategic alliances with all major OEM’s in the industry.
In December 2020 the headquarters changed its name to ADDITIVE-X.
All branches located abroad keep their name ExpressGroup.

For further information, please visit
For further information, please visit

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