SPL - Service Parts Logistics

SPL is based in South Africa and is serving the complete region of Middle East & Africa,

as the largest parts distributor in that area.


With presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Harare (Zimbabwe),

and Forward Stocking Locations strategically across the region,

they facilitating a next business day service across most of Middle East & Africa.

SPL also offers a complete reverse logistics and warranty management solution, managed online

with their real-time iSuppli solution.


SPL set apart by three things: outstanding, passionate customer service; intelligent IT systems that automate

processes and profile stock based on market trends and customer need;

and, 3000 m2 of warehouse space packed with inventory.


They have three discrete, but highly complimentary business areas:






For further information please visit: www.spl.co.za

-  Reverse logistics management

-  Parts distribution

-  Warranty management

PartsGroupEurope GmbH

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